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Sometimes good lawyers need good lawyers.  We are proud to be the lawyers many other lawyers call when they need help.  Our attorneys have extensive experience primarily in defending, but also where warranted in prosecuting, claims against attorneys for their professional acts of negligence and for breach of their fiduciary duties to clients in state and federal court actions, including bankruptcy adversary proceedings, brought across the state.  We are in many instances retained by insurance companies to defend the interests of their law firm insureds in these cases, but more commonly our attorneys are retained by the lawyers themselves to defend them in large complex matters where the available insurance limits for the insured law firms are low as compared to the potential case exposures such that the danger of excess judgments exists.   In such cases we commonly serve as personal independent counsel for the insureds guiding our attorney clients not only as to issues relating to the legal malpractice litigations themselves but also as to coverage and bad faith disputes our clients have with their own malpractice insurance carriers.  Our attorneys also represent attorneys in Bar Disciplinary matters.  They are also commonly retained by attorneys to consult on complex ethics issues.  Our attorneys have also served as expert witnesses in legal malpractice litigations on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in which the underlying attorney client relationships were primarily commercial in nature.

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