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Judgment Collection

Many times after you win the lawsuit and obtain a judgment, then the real battle begins. The defendants do not pay and claim they are uncollectible.  We commonly represent Judgment Creditors.  Our lawyers know how to handle these cases.  Not all judgments are collectible, but we know how to help you find out.  We perfect and maintain judgment liens.  We handle the domestication of state court judgments from other states in Florida.  We register and enforce federal district court judgments from other federal jurisdictions in Florida.  We can guide you and assist with collection from individuals claiming their assets are exempt.  We can assist with the collection from active companies who just won’t pay you such as by commencing proceedings supplementary to judgment and/or by pushing the companies into receivership.  We have extensive experience collecting on judgments against companies that claim to be insolvent or defunct pursuing claims against former company principals and/or successor companies on theories of alter ego liability, mere continuation of the business liability, piercing the corporate veil and/or fraudulent transfer.  We commonly handle garnishment and levy proceedings across the state.  We also defend Judgment Debtors.  Sometimes the judgment is not collectible.  Sometimes the assets really are exempt.  Because we know how to collect where allowable, we also know how to protect assets where legally and ethically permissible.  We commonly represent the interests of individuals and businesses either against the collection efforts of other Judgment Creditors or by consulting with them about how to properly and ethically shield assets long before they ever face a judgment against them.  We regularly represent businesses from the time of formation forward, for example, maintaining their corporate books, and helping them maintain their corporate formalities, so to minimize the risk the company principals may ultimately face expensive veil piercing litigation down the road.

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