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We are trial lawyers.  We emphasize our practice on court room work for clients in all types of contract disputes small and large.  We commonly litigate contract disputes for clients ranging from relatively small disputes involving the collection of a client’s aged accounts receivables to litigating large multi-million dollar creditor-debtor disputes representing both large commercial debtors in some instances and major banking institutions or Fortune 500 companies in others.  We can handle and have efficiently and economically handled the small claims court breach of contract case involving a monetary dispute of $5,000 or less as well as the mega dispute involving film credit rights and profit sharing disputes over major motion pictures released worldwide.  We have successfully handled virtually every type of contact and business tort dispute including commercial and residential landlord tenant disputes, unfair competition and theft of trade secret litigation, insurance coverage and bad faith litigation, judgment collection litigation, construction litigation, fiduciary disputes between business partners, legal malpractice litigation, entertainment litigation, and litigation involving real estate.  Our firm is proudly listed in Best Lawyers in America for its real estate litigation results.  We have a track record of proven success in litigating a wide array of real estate disputes including disputes for breach of contract or fraud relating to the sale of residential or commercial properties, disputes involving the fraudulent transfer of real estate assets, disputes among business fiduciaries over the operation and management of realty assets, and disputes involving the foreclosure of mortgages, construction liens, homeowners’ association liens and judgment liens.

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